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Mobile Marketing for Retailers

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Mobile Marketing and Communication

A simple, effective and affordable way to connect with your customers through text messaging, also known as SMS


Promote, send and redeem SMS marketing messages with our user-friendly platform. Let our program take the hassle out of creating your own text marketing campaign from scratch!


Text marketing has a reported 98% open rate and up to 10% higher redemption rate than traditional coupons. Text messages are extremely simple to comprehend by your customers and requires no app downloading because it already uses the most popular app on a smart phone!


Text Ripple is your solution to simple and reliable text messaging. Our competitive prices and premium service equal the most affordable rate around. Contact us to learn how we can help your business!

SMS MOBILE MARKETING AT ITS FINEST. ARE YOU TOP OF MIND? Text Ripple is a toolset that helps you maximize your marketing efforts.

This video highlights Text Ripple's text message marketing services for companies seeking premium SMS mobile marketing


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