Question From a Client: The Real Story of How a Text Club Works in a SMS Bulk Messaging Campaign

One of our clients asked us this month: I never meant for the Text Club to be the “front door” of my business. Isn’t this adding steps to what was a simple process?
We have an answer to this great question.

The client intended to use his Text Club to connect with current customers only, but targeted his entire campaign to prospective clients – including creating marketing collateral and coupons. What’s wrong with this picture?

The problem isn’t the client’s business model.
Knowing why the Text Club works, how it works, and how to take advantage of its strengths are the 3 things any business using SMS bulk messaging should know before making modifications to their mobile marketing plan:

Most marketing plans don’t need to change when adding SMS bulk messaging.
The Text Club works on 3 principles:
· Targeted Response
· Timely Delivery
· Mobility

Response rates for text message marketing remain the highest of any channel because they are targeted directly to customers who are interested in the promotions they receive (read as: have opted to receive them). The advantage to this method of direct marketing is a personalized experience rather than a “catch-all.” Since customers elect to receive messages instead of being spammed by them, response remains exponentially higher than print counterparts.

Delivery is relatable to targeting; direct mail is arguably equally as targeted a channel, but slower and costlier. The speed of delivery matters in relation to the promotion offered by the business.
For example, a mobile reminder about a one-night-only event could use bulk SMS to alert their Text Club 1 day, 6 hours, or 15 minutes before the event, even during the event.
This flexibility allows for a more dynamic, real-time campaign that cannot be replicated by other marketing.

Mobility seems self-evident, but when broken down, shows how a direct and instant connection is important; going wherever the customers go is the unique nature of SMS bulk marketing. Mobile marketing does not have the physical requirements that other forms of marketing have. For example, direct mail requires that a customer be present to receive and open a mailer; email requires that a person have access to the internet, log into their email account and read the message, and so on. With Text Club technology, customers have the prerequisite of having a mobile phone with texting capability to join, and to read the text message once it is received. For businesses, this is good news; 99% of all text messages are read, and in 2010, over 80% of mobile customers carry their phones with them all the time.

Considering the benefits of instant and direct delivery, mobility offers the highest possible return with the lowest calculated risk.

A business like our client’s that seeks to keep things simple doesn’t need to make major modifications to a business model. In fact, all of the marketing elements already exist in other forms; the business is already printing materials and marketing to new customers. They already employ marketing to increase repeat business and enhance the experience of their current customers.
Texting does not replace existing marketing; texting enhances it by giving marketing instant, direct, and mobile connections.

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