Options for Your Text Marketing Companies

Text Marketing CompaniesIt’s no surprise that these days, companies are looking for any way possible to cut back on costs. One of the first places they will often look is at their current marketing budget. But seeing as how marketing is essential to business success, there’s a constant search for a way to market affordably. No longer is there room for marketing strategies that don’t produce results consistent with what these strategies costs. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that any marketing plan produces real results. In an attempt to minimize costs and maximize results, there has been a shift from traditional marketing plans to new media, technology-based marketing. And more than any other new channel of marketing, mobile has become the popular choice of companies looking to limit spending and increase ROI. Unlike traditional methods, text marketing, also known as SMS, uniquely allows for targeted interaction as opposed to simply a channel of mass communication. If you’re looking for a way to cut back on marketing costs but still receive profitable results, mobile marketing via SMS is the best available choice when compared to other marketing methods.

Text marketing offers advantages over broadcast television and radio marketing in multiple departments. Unlike television and radio, SMS does not require any expensive broadcasting costs. There is also little production costs compared to television and radio, which may require companies to pay for actors, narration, prop, location time and equipment. There is also no need to pay for editing your marketing message with SMS such as there is with broadcast television and radio. The cost of professional editing software alone is relatively close to how much it costs to start a mobile campaign. And even being less expensive, text marketing gets better response than broadcast marketing. In fact, 39% of U.S. consumers, or 76 million people actually prefer text to radio ads. With broadcast marketing there is no guarantee a customer will see an ad after all the work that goes into it. Alternatively, text marketing is almost always seen by the customer, often times within only one hour of sending the marketing message.

Print marketing holds the same risks as broadcast, making SMS a much safer choice for achieving consistent results. Print marketing requires a company hire a designer or use expensive design software. Then printing costs come into play, which can vary from moderate to unreasonable depending on the size and quantity of printed material. Finally, printed material must be distributed in some way, adding another layer of expense into the final cost. After print marketing is all set up to go, there is still no guarantee the right customers will see your message. text marketing, on the other hand, offers a way of having selected customers who are more likely to respond to your marketing message. Text club lists are specially designed to work with a company’s unique product or service. Loyal customers are important because, on average, they account for 50% of a company’s overall sales. SMS also requires very little production and distribution costs, seeing as everything is produced easily in bulk and sent over the air.

Even Internet marketing falls short when compared to text marketing. Internet marketing often requires paid ads such as adwords or Facebook ads, which can drain your marketing budget in a matter of days. Then when ads are shown on Google, Facebook or elsewhere on the web, there is little guarantee a customer will notice, read and finally click on the ad. Websites often must be redesigned for SEO optimization, which requires hiring an expert. Internet marketing requires a level of constant monitoring which doesn’t come cheap. SMS is much more simple than Internet marketing, saving companies time and money. And email is no replacement for SMS. Email relies on the customer to have constant Internet access and requires the customer to actively check their mail client. SMS goes right to where a person is already at, with no Internet connection required. Statistics show clearly that SMS is the preferred method. In general, 95% of texts are read compared to only 25% of emails.

The benefits text marketing offer make using any other channel alone a drain on the pocketbook. Of course broadcast, print and Internet marketing can and do compliment text marketing very well when used in a well-designed, multichannel marketing plan. It’s becoming more apparent, however, that customers want to choose the messages they receive, which is the basis of text marketing. The more customers are pleased with the way they are marketed too, the better chance of increased sales. In the end, text marketing truly offers the lowest cost marketing with the highest ROI and redemption rates. If you’re ready to see real results from your marketing plan, contact Text Ripple today!

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