Give Customers VIP Status with Group Text Messaging

Take a look around the voting booths today and you’ll see it’s clear that people like to be part of a group. Once part of a group, members tend to support the interest of the group and show continued loyalty. Consider offering your customers a way to be part of your group: By joining your text club!

Mobile text messaging is not only a great way to market; it’s also a way to make your customers feel like part of the “In crowd”. Once customers have made an effort to be part of your brand’s elite group, your text club, they’ll be more likely to stick it as well. Sending group text messages easily secures customers’ commitment to your brand.

Group text messaging requires very little of the customer, but offers big rewards. Customers in your VIP-status text club get the inside scoop on special discounts, reward programs and promotional offers. They also have a sense of identity with your brand because only those that have chosen to be a text club member, those who have opted-in, will receive these perks. After all, there’s nothing worse than finding out you are not getting the same deals on a product or from a service as your neighbor!

Since customers want to be closer with others, including your brand, give them a chance to do so. Simply provide a group opportunity and customers will respond! With a Text Ripple text club, you get your very own text club keyword that customers text to 411Now. It’s that simple! Contact Text Ripple directly, or simply leave us a comment below to learn more about setting up your very own text club for group text messaging.

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