Mobile Text Messaging Study Finds a 2:1 Return with SMS

Yet another study was released this week highlighting the immense success when text message marketing is used as part of a business promotional strategy. The study was performed with Bare Feet Shoes and aimed to map out consumer behavior in the online and mobile realm. In just over 30 days of using mobile text message marketing, consumers were found to be 27% more likely to browse a product more deeply and eventually make a purchase. Like many reports before, the results of this case study show how SMS text messaging statistically improves sales.

Mobile text messaging does not replace an existing marketing strategy, but rather enhances it. What text message marketing allows for is a proven way to promote at a your company’s convenience. Text message marketing can be used periodically or more often, depending on your existing marketing strategy. There’s nothing that can replace a verified way to promote that you are able to customize in conjunction with your marketing needs.

The end results of the case study reported that SMS “positively impacted consumer behavior across multiple platforms”. Weather your current business promotional strategy is focused on print, online, mobile, social or even traditional channels, mobile text message marketing gives you the boost you’ve always wanted to see real results. If you’re not using SMS text messaging already, it’s worth your time to look into. Want to learn more? Just contact us today for a customized text message business promotional strategy that fits your unique marketing needs.

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