5 Ways to Enhance your Marketing with Text Message Coupons

text message coupon

Text Message Coupon

Let’s face it, the days of coupon-cutting are on their way out the door. These days, customers are relying on digital coupons far more than traditional paper clippings. Digital coupons can come in many forms including email, downloadable and of course mobile. However, to get the greatest response rate from your coupons, it’s best to stick to the platform with the highest ROI: Mobile! Here are 5 tips to make your text message coupons the most usable, desired and useful possible:

1. Short and sweet drives redemption. Keep your mobile coupons direct and to the point using text messaging. Texting allows a limited number or characters, which is perfect as you are sure to not overwhelm customers, or give them something they will just skim over. The more direct your mobile coupons are, the more usable they will be to customers.

2. Offer value. Coupons are always great to receive, but they aren’t always worth a customer’s while to redeem. A simple way to offset this problem is with coupons that offer something the customer actually wants. Even if you offer a coupon that won’t make your company much money during its redemption, the fact that you get customers in the door and interested is well worth the outrageous deal you give away.

3. Give a clear call to action that includes some direction. It’s generous to give something away, but you have to make sure customers have a need to use your coupons sooner rather than later. Setting a time and/or date limit on your offer can ensure you get high and substantial ROI on your investment. Another factor to consider is the sooner the coupon must be used, the more likely a customer is to keep it in their mind and act on the offer. Deals without a time limit have a likelihood of being forgotten without a clear, detailed call to action.

4. Perfect your timing. If you know a season, holiday or event is coming up that drives a higher demand for your product or service, push out your text message coupons then! Not only does it drive business but it gives you a vast competitive advantage over others in your industry. Timing in your SMS marketing can make or break your campaign.

5. Get playful! You can offer an amazing deal to customers with text message coupons, but without a fun overtone to your offer, it’s likely to be overlooked. It’s not necessary, or desirable to use all capital letters or an over-abundance of shouting abbreviation, but adding an exclamation mark here and there always ads an element of excitement. Of course wording should always be considered as well. Using energizing words that promote your playfulness can go along way in improving your text message coupon deal.

You can get started today setting up a proven text message coupon system. Learn more at our website about what text message coupons can do for your business!

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