Coupons as the Dominant Form of Mobile Marketing by 2015

mobile survey

Mobile Survey

A new survey was released today highlighting the trend of mobile coupons as a form of mobile marketing. The survey was conducted by mobileSQUARED and consulted mobile operators about what mobile marketing they thought would reign king in upcoming years.

The results showed that 61% of those surveyed thought mobile coupons or vouchers would be dominate in mobile marketing by 2015. Additionally, 58% thought text message and MMS marketing would be the second most accepted form of mobile marketing and 45% would be search. Thus, carriers are predicting customers will use mobile coupons rather than finding deals through Internet based navigation.

The fact that the survey used mobile carriers as their participants shows a bright future for basic text message marketing and mobile carriers. The survey concluded, “The widespread use of mobile messaging creates a far-reaching and significant marketing opportunity which in turn, creates a significant marketing opportunity for operators. Basically, everyone wins!

Coupons sent over text are simple to create and have better and faster redemption rates than traditional or even online coupons. Mobile coupons are also sent directly to the customers, so no searching is required or time is wasted. If this is the future of mobile marketing, we’re excited to see what happens!

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