More Text Message Marketing Consumer Stats!

text message marketing stats

text message marketing stats

We know texting isn’t just for teens anymore, but who exactly is it for? Well, a new Thomas/Ferrous Inc. market report set out to find find the answer and what they found was just was we expected: Consumers use texting for a variety of activities that offer them value. The study was conducted with a simple Q&A sample of American consumers. Check out some of the new findings of this 400 household study:

1. More than 55% of adults had sent or received a text message regarding a product, business or organization. ( This percentage increases to 68% of those under 45 years old.)

2. A surveyed 53% of consumers are likely to use text messaging to confirm or set an appointment.

3. A surveyed 40% of consumers are likely to use text messaging to take a poll.

4. A surveyed 26% of consumers are likely to make a donation via text messaging.

5. A surveyed 25% of consumers are likely to send a text message to purchase a product.

The results of this study find that consumers truly see value in text messaging activities. In fact, it’s estimated that 48% of consumers living in the western U.S. already are opt-in recipients. If your customers aren’t part of your text club, they’re likely to be part of a competitor’s soon! Take the first step and contact Text Ripple to set up a text message campaign today.

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