Easy Tips for Promoting your Text Club

Text Ripple Text ClubSometimes it doesn’t matter how great your discount is if very few people know about it. That’s where promoting your text club comes into play. Having a full and growing text club not only indicates success of your company, but it also leads to further opportunities to interact with your customers. The trick is to get members signed up and we have some great suggestions of how to do so! Read below to discover some very easy but effective ways to get and keep text club members:

Promote your text club in your place of business. Everywhere from the front desk to a private customer waiting room is an opportunity to promote. Some simple flyers is all it takes to catch the eye of anyone just looking for something to read. Remember that customers almost always will have their mobile phone with them, so using a direct call to action, such as “Text keyword to 411669” is always the most direct way to get results.

Promote your text club on your business cards. People naturally expect to find contact information on your business card and your text club is no exception. It’s an easy way for customers to connect without making them go to a website or make a phone call. Put your text club info where customers would normally look and watch your members dramatically increase.

Promote on your social network sites. Do you have a Facebook fan page or a corporate Twitter account? Use these places to spread the word! Updates to your Facebook wall or new Tweets appear on followers’ and fans’ homepages, meaning they don’t have to even be at your page directly to get the information. Everyone is online and connecting in some way these days, so make the most of it when promoting your text club.

With any type of company you have Text Ripple can further help you come up with great ways to promote for little to no cost to you. Getting the word out can happen easily, as long as you make the first step to reserve your personal keyword and set up your text club today. Let us know what kind of company and promotional needs you have, and we’ll get right back to you with a personalized text message marketing strategy. Remember with Text Ripple: You Ripple, They Respond!

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