Text Ripple Demo at an Eastern Michigan University Football Game!

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Text Ripple mobile marketing was in the front row at a recent Eastern Michigan University football game. EMU wanted a fun and effective way to engage the student audience during the game. The method used was simple: Post a text message call to action on the scoreboard! EMU posted a poll question asking students under what name the school was originally founded. The audience had three options to choose from and text in with their answer. Each of the three options had a keyword associated with it from EMU1 to EMU3. All the audience had to do was text in their answer to Text Ripple’s short code, 411669, and the answer was instantly recorded.

Within seconds of posting the poll question on the screen the audience was texting in their answers. And when the poll was over, the results could be seen automatically. The student response was overwhelmingly positive and the football audience enjoying a chance to interact at an otherwise viewer-only event. We see it as just another example of how rippling works. You send out a call to action and users react!. Only with Text Ripple can you ripple, and they respond!

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