Text Message Promotions Tips for Cyber Monday

Monday marks Cyber Monday, and the ultimate day of technology shopping. Although a new ‘holiday’ the shopping day has showed increased sales every since since its start in 2005. Interestingly enough, Cyber Monday started as a term invented by Shop.com five years ago when sales skyrocketed on the Monday after Thanksgiving. The day is thought to be when American workers go back to their regular jobs and, after a long weekend of window-shopping, start browsing and purchasing in large quantities online. New to the trend the last few years, is consumers purchasing from home computers as well. Last year alone, Cyber Monday sales reached roughly $887 Million with 53.7% of sales originating from work computers and 41.6% from buying at home. We can be sure to expect more major sales this years as companies increasing expand shopping experiences to the online realm.

For Cyber Monday to truly bring in the big numbers, it’s necessary companies find a way to promote their deals specifically for this day. Unlike Back Friday, where companies spend massive amounts of money promoting deals, Cyber Monday does not have a traditional sales pitch in any marketing field. Consumers may find out about a deal from a sponsored ad or email but like any other day, these promotions are often overlooked.

On the flip side, using mobile to promote is a way to connect with consumers one-on-one in a time sensitive manner. Cyber Monday is about shopping from the comfort of a computer to increase convenience and allow for other activities, such as workday duties, to be completed. For marketers, this offers a huge advantage. For one single Monday each year, companies do not need to push customers to leave their home for a deal, but rather, simply type in a website address. With such a quick way to access a deal, it’s important consumers receive information about deals when they can immediately act upon them.

To best promote this year during Cyber Monday, we offer the following four mega-tips:

Send out your promotional offers during mid-day work hours. Specifically, from about 10 am to 4 pm are the most ideal times. Right when customers get to work they’re most likely catching up from the long weekend, and at the end of the day, as we all well know, it’s hard not to get eager to get home.

Include an immediate call to action. Make sure customers know your deal is only good for online and for one day. This way they won’t take the extra time to think about your deal, but rather go straight to the computer to look up the details.

If possible, include a reminder of your web address. It’s always helpful if customers have all the details necessary to get to your website. Don’t make anyone Google you if you can help it!

Promote your text club deal in other places. The more places customers can hear about your deal the better! include a “Text (your keyword) to 411669 for Special Cyber Monday Deals” where ever possible. Don’t forget places such as your Facebook fan page or Twitter account.

Best of luck promoting your Cyber Monday deals! Text on!

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