Text Ripple Connects The Masters With Marketing To Provide Quality Access For Club Marketing And Golf Course Advertising

Did your golf course or private club take advantage of the Masters to provide your members and clients with a valuable marketing opportunity? As one of the key founders and leaders of text message marketing, Text Ripple enables our client companies to create long-lasting customer relationships with direct and instant text message connections. A perfect example of what we could do for you as a private club or golf course is exemplified by this legendary weekend of the ultimate golf tournament – The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

Do you want to easily find, attract and reward members, clients and potential new clients without being lost in the shuffle? Do you feel your membership marketing and creative club advertising is lost in the shuffle? Are your billboards being ignored, your emails deleted and your direct mail dumped in the trash without being read? The response of Text Ripple is that enough is enough!

An Annual Masterful Marketing Opportunity

An Annual Masterful Marketing Opportunity

With the flood of advertising in our world, most of the input is being ignored. The beauty of a text message is that it accesses your clients wherever they happen to be. Who doesn’t always have their cell phone with them in the modern world.  Now imagine a foursome playing on your golf course in the weeks before the Masters. You know every golf player in the world is going to watch that preeminent tournament. And Text Ripple offers you the opportunity to make the Masters a club marketing opportunity for you!

As that foursome plays a round of eighteen holes, one of them happens to be a member of your club who has opted-in to receive club updates through the services of Text Ripple. By becoming partners with us, you have optimized your private club marketing and public golf course marketing. The member receives a text message that goes something like this:

Play a round and watch the Masters in the company of real golfers who care about the game. Your Private Club or Golf Course offers you this package: a discounted round of nine or eighteen holes in the morning, then a drink on us at the club in the afternoon where you can watch the Masters in high definition with authentic fans.

If your member is excited or intrigued by the message, not only will he take advantage of this opportunity, but he will tell his buddies about it as well. Suddenly your golf course marketing efforts are quadrupled with true access through a single text message. And this is only the beginning of what Text Ripple can accomplish for you. We truly can help you take your golf marketing efforts to the next level of excellence by offering a dynamic experience for customers and exceptional returns for you.

Whether you need mobile lead generators or campaign analytics with detailed metrics, customer support or a print marketing kit, Text Ripple offers the solutions and the tools that will help take your golf course advertising and private club marketing to the next level of excellence. We have the experience and the expertise to guarantee your private club marketing will not be ignored and will pay off. Contact us today through our website and you will receive a free consultation about how our services can help optimize your golf course marketing.


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