How to Double Your Email Contact List

Good results don’t just appear from nowhere and any time spent maintaining and growing your list is time well spent. After all, new contacts mean new potential customers. Sure, it may not take much to keep your lists in fighting shape, but how do you bulk them up? Make the Invitation Obvious How can you[…]

Mobile Support for Your Tuxedo Business

Summer wedding season is here. If you are an owner of a tuxedo shop, you will probably be very busy in the next few months. You might feel overwhelmed with handling the demands of your customers’ wants and needs. Or, perhaps you feel stressed having to keep up with all of your customers during such[…]

Yes, Mobile Check-Ins Do Matter

A number of months ago I asked a question on my blog: Do mobile check-ins really matter?  You see, I get this question a lot.  There are many people out there who don’t ‘get it’ why people are using their phones to tell the world where they are and what they are doing.  It seems[…]