What your competition knows about social media…

According to Nielsen research, people are spending at least 36% of their time online in social media posting messages, sharing photos and videos, and researching topics driven by their passions and interest. If you’re not taking advantage of this behavior –  those of your customers, clients, donors, volunteers, and supporters, my money says one of your competitors[…]

Text Message Advertising Provides Promise For Political Campaigns But Peril As Well If Not Executed With Experience and Expertise

Text message advertising and mobile marketing is a double-edged sword when it comes to this year’s Presidential campaign. If done well with experience and expertise, it provides new opportunities for each campaign to effectively contact the opt-in electorate and motivate their supporters. If done poorly without the experience and expertise provided by a company like[…]

Test Message Advertising Is Not Just Another Marketing Option, But The Best Marketing Option Available Today

Mobile marketing and text message advertising is no longer just another option for your cell phone. Rather, as Text Ripple clearly expresses with our mobile tools and analytics, it is about being connected effectively with your clients. At this point in our culture’s communication spectrum, it takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to[…]