The Connected Consumer

When you are watching TV at home, what are the activities (aside from watching your TV show, of course) that you are most likely to engage in?  According to September 2012 data from Nielson, the #1 thing that you are probably doing is using your smartphone… to the tune of 87% of you. Which is[…]

Restaurants Can Take Care Of Their Best Customers With Mobile Marketing

Everyone loves going out to eat. It’s a treat—celebrating special occasions, breaking up the daily routine, or simply blowing off stress. As a restaurant owner, your best customers are your loyal customers, the ones who choose your business over and over when they want to treat themselves. It’s only natural that you’d want to thank[…]

The Mobile Marketing Best Practices of Text Ripple: A Key To Maintaining Customer Satisfaction And The Repute Of Your Business

Text Ripple knows from experience that in today’s challenging economy where client bases are shrinking, mobile marketing best practices are not a choice, but a necessity. By designing our best practices through a mixture of cutting edge analytics, years of hands-on experience, and traditional mobile marketing guidelines, Text Ripple helps to maintain your customer satisfaction.[…]

Breweries: Get To Know Your Craft Beer-Loving Patrons With Data Mining

Craft beer is all the rage these days, as new microbreweries crop up in even the smallest of towns. There’s just something about a fresh local brew that’s impossible to resist. Making craft beer is a labor of love: experimenting for just the right combination of ingredients, tweaking the recipe, producing the perfect batch, savoring[…]