Breweries: Get To Know Your Craft Beer-Loving Patrons With Data Mining

Craft beer is all the rage these days, as new microbreweries crop up in even the smallest of towns. There’s just something about a fresh local brew that’s impossible to resist.

Find out what your customers want to see at your brewery with data mining from Text RippleMaking craft beer is a labor of love: experimenting for just the right combination of ingredients, tweaking the recipe, producing the perfect batch, savoring every drop of a limited supply. Those who drink it share that philosophy, seeking out the history and subtle flavors in each brew. How well do you know the customers that support your business?

With our customizable widget, you can get to know them quite well. Text Ripple provides you with the data collection tools you need to pull data on gender, birthday, location, and many other important characteristics of your customers. As any Internet user knows, there is a fine line between spam and valuable content; you don’t want to risk irritating (or worse, losing) your customers because you’re sending them messages that aren’t relevant to their needs. By employing advanced data mining techniques, you can get the information you need to deliver targeted marketing messages to your best customers.

As a brewery owner, you already have one thing in common with your patrons—a love of beer. Beer lovers come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever information you can get on them helps you tailor your marketing messages. You don’t have to be a huge corporation with a giant marketing budget to afford data mining tools. Smart businesses passionate about getting to know their customers need data mining techniques to organize all of their demographic data into actionable information.

Your out-of-town patrons will appreciate getting updates on special events and new brews, while your local regulars may benefit more from quick happy hour deals and more spur-of-the-moment events. The most important aspect of your marketing is how your target audience behaves when they see it. Do they ignore the message? Delete it? Unsubscribe? Or do they redeem a coupon code, come into your store, take part in your event or special? The relevance of your message is what decides this.

Smart breweries use what they know about their patrons to better sell their beer. Marketing isn’t just about putting words in front of your target audience anymore; it’s about communication and results.

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