3 New Ways to Survey and Engage Your Prospects

When you think of online surveys and polls you probably think of the customer satisfaction survey you send out from time to time. But surveys are also an easy way to make the communications you’re already doing—email newsletters, content on your Facebook page, Twitter, etc—more engaging. Click here to read on: http://www.peoplemovers.com/KimSchott/blogs/3-new-ways-to-survey-and-engage-your-prospects-1123

Text Ripple Supports A National Law Banning Texting While Driving To Both Save Lives And Protect The Value Of Mobile Marketing

Text Ripple believes it is important to address the issue of new laws across the country banning the use of text messaging while driving. Text Ripple completely supports and believes in such laws, backing the institution of a national law banning texting while driving.  We do not think, and never have thought, that such laws[…]