QR Codes – A Smart Idea for Coffee Shops

Many people start their day off with a cup of coffee from french coffee press. Several grab some coffee while on their way to work. Chances are many of these commuters are in a rush too. Fortunately, while we live in a fast-paced world, we also live in a world with advanced technology. Coffee and cell phones go hand in hand in the business world. Why not use mobile technology to advance your business?

Text Ripple, an SMS mobile marketing platform, can offer your business QR codes encrypted with an opt-in widget. To more simply break this down, QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are mobile – friendly codes that resemble barcodes, but have a superior storage capacity, as well as a faster response time and readability. Many people have smart phones that they carry around consistently. That’s why QR codes are perfect when it comes to marketing your business. With Text Ripple QR codes, your customers can easily scan the QR code with their mobile device. The QR code will direct them to an opt-in widget, which will allow your customers to easily sign up for your company’s Text Club.

When people are in a hurry, they don’t have the time to dig through hundreds of e-mails or the time to print off a special offer coupon for your coffee shop. Perhaps before they walk into your shop, there is a QR code décor on the door. All your customers will have to do is scan the code really quick and then sign up for your Text Club! Once they are a part of your business’ Text Club, they will become a part of an exclusive group that receives special offers, coupons and more via text message. You can put QR codes on anything, from coffee cups to flyers so people are connected, know about your company and what your company has to offer. It is as simple as that. Now your customers are happy and continue to come back to your shop every morning before work. Having loyal customers are a beneficial part of a business!

Text Ripple’s tech team has worked vigorously to guarantee that our codes load quickly and easily on all mobile smart phones. Your customers won’t be left frustrated! QR codes are a futuristic, smart way to market your business. 

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