Ripple Through Your Tuxedo Shop

The overall process of a tuxedo shop requires a lot of communication between the staff and their clients. Say a groom and his groomsmen need to rent tuxedos. To do this, they must: choose a tuxedo company, register early, decide on their desired tuxedos, take measurements, get fitted when the suits come in and finally return the tuxedos. Contacting and keeping customers updated is in all probability a struggle of many tuxedo businesses. What if communication could be managed more simply and effectively? With Text Ripple, it is more than possible.

With Text Ripple, you Ripple, they respond! Text Ripple is a SMS mobile marketing service and ripples are the messages sent to your customers’ mobile devices. With Text Ripple you can engage with and build better relationships with customers, so they continue to come back. Now you can keep in touch with your clients in the easiest way possible. 

Our Pipeline feature enables you to set up your message schedule once and then sit back as messages are distributed to the selected recipients automatically! Each new customer will follow the pipeline schedule. You won’t have to lift a finger, and your business will be revitalized with a more organized and structured schedule. Think of how much easier your tuxedo rental process could be!

Text Ripple wants you to handle running your business. We can help you keep your customers in touch and satisfied with your company. Not only can we help with communication, but also, we can help boost your marketing exposure to get more customers into your facility. Curious? View our Tools tab on our website for more. Texting enhances marketing by giving it instantaneous, straightforward, and convenient connections. Get started with Text Ripple for free, today!

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