Text Ripple – Innovative Marketing Techniques

Customers are always on the go. As a business owner you want a marketing plan that keeps up with your customers. Text Ripple is a reasonably priced, easy-to-use SMS text message marketing platform that saves time, increases return on investment and creates lasting relationships with customers. With Text Ripple, business owners can send messages periodically,[…]

Opt-In Widget for Your Nightclub

Your nightclub should feel significant and exclusive to your customers. You want club goers to know that your club has more to offer than the other clubs in town. People will frequently visit your nightclub if you make them feel important and wanted. More loyal customers will lead to more business. Yet, how can you[…]

Get Started with Text Ripple

Text Ripple offers a contemporary way to market your business and maintain ongoing relationships with customers via a mobile marketing and text message platform. If you are looking for a straightforward, inexpensive marketing solution for any business need, Text Ripple can help you. Text Ripple features will boost your business’ sales, revenue and clientele. Text[…]