Opt-In Widget for Your Nightclub

Your nightclub should feel significant and exclusive to your customers. You want club goers to know that your club has more to offer than the other clubs in town. People will frequently visit your nightclub if you make them feel important and wanted. More loyal customers will lead to more business. Yet, how can you successfully achieve this?

Text Ripple offers Text Clubs, which are free for your customers to join. A Text Club is an exclusive group that receives special offers, coupons and more through their mobile devices via SMS text messages. Customers are immediately rewarded once they sign up. Text Clubs allows you to focus on your specific targeted audience; those interested in your nightclub. 

Yet, how can you inform people so they are aware of your Text Club? Text Ripple also offers simple “opt-in” forms for your website, Facebook page, blog, etc. that register patrons phone numbers. Then, customers receive a confirmation text message thanking them for joining your Text Club. It’s a simple way for customers to easily sign up via online platforms, especially for those who haven’t found your physical location yet. If they’re new to the area or looking for a new place to party, they can sign up with you and your opt-in incentive gives them one more reason to give your club a shot All you need to do is copy and paste the widget code where you want it! It’s simple and quick to do.

Text Widget features:

  • Name (First & Last)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip code
  • Email address

Get started using the Text Ripple Widgets on your Facebook page, blog or site now and let us show you how easy marketing your nightclub business can be.






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