Market Your Business With the Use of Widgets

Mobile marketing is an effective and modern way to promote a business. Text Ripple’s beneficial services provide a SMS mobile marketing platform. With Text Ripple, you can instantly send coupons, insight, images, digital comment cards and more straight to your customers’ mobile phones. Our services enable you to promptly and effortlessly stay connected to your customers via our trendy approach.

At Text Ripple, we realize the importance of the Internet and its use in the mobile world. Widgets can play a big role in marketing a business. What is a widget? They are simple “opt-in” forms that register customer phone numbers, and then send a confirmation text message thanking those customers for joining. Text Ripple Widgets attract people to join your business’ Text Club through social media sites and websites. For instance, say they go to your company’s Facebook page, whether on a computer or their smart phone device, and see a Text Ripple Widget. Here, they can provide their information to sign up for your business’ Text Club. Now you can have new customers sign up anywhere! Just copy and paste the widget code on your website of choice. 

Marketing your business can be done with ease with the Text Ripple Widget feature. It is hard to run a business and keep relationships strong with customers. Widgets will narrow your target audience. You know how popular sites like Facebook are. If they see your Facebook page, they’ll see that they can sign up to receive notifications, promotional offers and more from your business. Could it be easier and more affordable for you? Think of how your company can flourish!  The more customers you get to sign up for your Text Club, the more these customers will be lured into your shop, restaurant, club, etc.

First-timers who sign up for your Text Club will be rewarded for signing up. This will make your customers feel appreciated, a top priority for any business. If your customers are pleased, they will end up investing more of their money into your company. We know you have competition and your customers know you do too! Let Text Ripple’s services help your business prosper!

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