Make Your Salon Mobile!

Technology plays such an important role in today’s society and the updates are so frequent, it can be hard to keep up.  As a salon owner, you want to be able to keep in frequent contact with your customers while also running a successful business.  It can be hard to juggle all of the different aspects of running a business, and anything to do with technology may be put on the back burner.  But if you want to have a successful marketing mix, you need to implement a text club.  Cell phones are extremely popular among society and almost everyone has one and is on it constantly.  How do you take advantage of this booming technology?  Use Text Ripple’s Widget.

What donuts do your customers favor?

Running a donut shop can be exciting, yet difficult. With so many varieties of donuts available, it can be hard to determine what your customers desire.  Offering options that don’t appeal to your clientele is a waste of time and money, and can ultimately hurt your sales; however, by communicating with your customers, you can eliminate this from happening.  How, you ask? By using Text Ripple.

Reward Your Nightclub Customers!


It’s the weekend and everyone is ready for a night out with their friends to release the stress of a long work week. People are looking for a place where they can get drinks and unwind. If you’re a nightclub owner, you’re familiar with the process and provide a place to fit these needs.  Does your business have a loyalty program? A mobile marketing program that sends your customers special offers, reminders of events, or exclusive information?  Now is the time to implement an SMS marketing program to make your marketing efforts go above and beyond.

Make the Most of Wedding Season with Text Ripple!

Tuxedo shops are extremely popular this time of year with autumn wedding season quickly approaching.  If you own a tuxedo shop, you probably have appointments and fittings lined up in the next few months and may be feeling slightly overwhelmed with the demands required to keep up with your customers’ wants and needs while incorporating Read more about Make the Most of Wedding Season with Text Ripple![…]