We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Summer may have come to a close, but the weather is still beautiful – and perfect for ice cream! It’s that time of year where ice cream shop owners are salvaging the last few weeks of flowing business and trying to implement creative ways to keep customers coming back. If you are looking for a great way to end the season, what’s better than special offers?

Dine In, Leave With Rewards

Mobile phones are an important part of everyday life, no matter your profession. We use them to communicate constantly, whether it’s a phone call, email or text. This is the era of technology and more and more companies are utilizing the resources available to advance their services. The majority of customers prefer companies to be easily accessible via mobile devices, computers, etc. If your business isn’t up to speed with the latest technology, now is the time to catch up, and our Widget service is the perfect place to start!

New Law For Text Message Marketing

Change is occurring in the mobile marketing world today. A law that was passed last year is now taking effect and most companies with text clubs have already sent out messages asking consumers if they would like to continue receiving updates to their mobile devices. If you are a business owner and have a text[…]

Mobilize Your Nail Salon!

As of June 2013, the number of cell phones as a percentage of the population is 103.6 in the United States – that’s a lot of phones! It’s no surprise that mobile phones are so popular considering how big of a role technology plays in our everyday lives.  Business is done online and through mobile apps, customers are serviced via online chats – almost anything can be done online with the use of technology, and that’s how the majority likes it. Doing things online is easy, quick, and straight to the point. Is your nail salon partaking in the online revolution? It should be!

Become Everyone’s Favorite Bar!


After a long week (or day!) at work, sometimes it’s nice to unwind at a local bar with friends/coworkers and catch up over dinner and drinks. As a bar owner you know the importance of making your patrons feel at ease in your establishment and to give them that sense of belonging; you never want them to feel out of place.  Part of that is including your customers in different aspects of your business and letting them know their opinions and business are valued. Showing your customers they are an important to you is a crucial part of owning a company; after all, without their business, your bar would cease to exist.