Is Your Business on Yelp?

Yelp is a great tool for small business owners to utilize. It’s used by many people to find places to eat, shop, and for entertainment. When it comes to finding dependable businesses with great service, the reviews come in handy for Yelp users…but this is where the mixed opinions of Yelp come in for business owners. One of the biggest concerns is dealing with negative reviews and encouraging positive ones. What is the best way to respond to the negative reviews? What is allowed in terms of encouraging customers to leave a Yelp review? We have the answers for you!

Negative Reviews

You log onto Yelp and see a negative review for your business. What do you do – do you ignore it? Respond to it? RESPOND. By utilizing Yelp’s feature to reply (privately or publicly), you have a great chance at turning that negative review into a positive one. Most displeased customers will give you a second chance if you take the extra time to communicate with them. Take a look at this video with a great example of doing just that!

Positive Reviews
Every business owner wants to encourage customers to leave positive reviews on Yelp, but how do you go about it? It’s understandably against Yelp’s terms of service to pay people to review your business and to participate in any sort of trading reviews scam, and the company discourages directly asking customers to leave a review. A good way to raise awareness of your Yelp profile is to spotlight one or two positive reviews on your website and/or social media and rotating them out every so often. This will grab the attention of new customers while also discretely encouraging current customers to leave a review. Also, it doesn’t hurt to respond to positive reviews by thanking the customer for their kind words and to let them know that you care. A thoughtful sentence or two can go a long way!

Now that we’ve briefed you on Yelp reviews, you should be prepared to deal with the situations that come your way. If you need more assistance, contact us!

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