Why is Text Ripple so special?

We hear this a lot and while it’s a blow to our ego, it’s a valid question. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all of the social media sites are free! Why should you spend the money with Text Ripple? Well here are a few reasons:

  1. Do you like giving away your customers? So you have 1,000 likes on Facebook or 1,000 followers on Twitter but you don’t own that data. Facebook and Twitter are in charge of your customers. So what happens if and when they go out of business or change their business policies? You have no control over your audience.  With Text Ripple, you own the data for all your club members and can access that information at any time – even if you decide to take your business elsewhere. Your text club member’s information is also private with Text Ripple. We will never sell or cross promote that info – Facebook and Twitter may not be so concerned with confidentiality.
  2. Marketing with social media outlets is hit or miss. Your audience may be in the hundreds or even thousands, but that doesn’t mean that each of your posts is effectively reaching every one of those people. Posts on Facebook and Twitter show up on each person’s feed in a (mostly) chronological order, meaning, as new posts happen from other friends, businesses, sports teams, etc. your post keeps getting bumped farther and farther down the line.
  3. Ripples are instant and are read in 3 minutes!! If you send out a Ripple with us, your entire audience will receive the message at the same time, immediately, to their mobile phone. How long does it take you to check your phone when a text comes in? 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Doesn’t it make sense to spend some money with us to ensure that your entire audience will see your message?

The reason social media is free is because they are using you to grow their own networks. Yes, you’re seeing some benefits but most of the pluses are on their side. There is a lot of value in Text Ripple: privacy, effective reach, automation, and our outstanding customer service. Give us a call at 248-716-7590 or visit us at textripple.com and let us prove to you how great our service can be!

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