The Importance of Text Club Membership

If your text club is going to succeed it needs members. Sounds simple right? A large text club is more successful because the redemption rate will have a higher on your ROI. So how do you go about getting your customers to join the club? Here are a few tips:

  1. Get your staff involved! Every employee needs to join the club so that they are familiar with the process of opting in, and so they know what offers are being sent and when. If you need some extra incentive for them, just let us know. We can help you run a contest to see which employee can earn the most opt ins and then you can reward them! The biggest motivator that we’ve found is some good old cash!
  2. Have a generous opt-in incentive. You don’t have to give away the farm, but if your opt in incentive is lackluster, your customers may assume that sets the tone for the rest of your offers. We recommend no less than a 15% discount, and “no strings attached.” For example, offer a free appetizer, not a free appetizer with the purchase of a meal. Also, skip the generic opt-in incentive like, “Join today to stay up to date with offers and information.”
  3. Make it easy to join. Keep your keyword simple and relevant to your business. Don’t mix letters and numbers – switching between keyboards on the phone leads to mistypes.
  4. Make your signage clear. Utilize the print materials provided to you by Text Ripple! Also, adding a quick text club promo to other print materials such as menus, direct mail, etc. can help get the word out about your club.
  5. Ask your members to tell their friends. You can even run a deal that rewards current members for getting their friends to join. Example: Membership is at 100. When we double that, everyone gets a free dessert! Be sure to follow through!
  6. TALK TALK TALK! Word of mouth is still your most powerful tool. You, your staff, and your current club members should be telling everyone about the club, how to join, and what they get just for joining.

We’re here to help and we want your club to succeed! If you need some more strategies or guidance give us  a call at 248-716-7590 or email!