Common Text Club Hiccups and Fixes

Technology is amazing, but it’s certainly not trouble-free. Here and there, things happen wrong, or maybe, don’t happen at all. We work very hard to keep things running smoothly, but sometimes the issue isn’t anything within our control here at Text Ripple. We’re available any time to answer your questions and help you out, but here are some of the more common issues we see:


Customer receives an error when opting in


This can be caused by a few different things:

  1. They are blocked – This block is coming from their carrier in this case. Normally, this means that their carrier has prevented them from sending messages to and receiving messages from shortcodes like our 411669 number. Even if they have “unlimited messaging” on their plan, the carriers do still block short codes from time to time. The other reason could be that the customer has a prepaid text plan and has run out of texts. In either case, there is unfortunately nothing we can do, nor can you as the business owner. The customer will need to speak to their carrier to have that block removed before they can be an active member of your text club.
  2. Signatures – Some people like to tag all of their outbound texts with a signature, most often their name. For example: when opting in, your customer sets up his message by typing in KEYWORD, but his phone adds his signature. The message ends up coming into the Text Ripple system as KEYWORDJohn Doe. Our system cannot pick out just the KEYWORD with no space after it, so it sends back an error. The fix here is pretty easy – just have your customer remove the signature from the opt in message or add a space after the keyword.
  3. Autocorrect/Spelling Errors – Technology here is really trying to help, but sometimes the help is a hinderance. When phones correct keywords, it essentially changes the word completely and there will be an error while opting in. Just have the customer be more careful when typing, and have their phone “ignore” the autocorrect suggestion.


Customer is not or is no longer receiving your ripples

Again, this can happen for a few reasons:

  1. No “YES” reply – after successfully texting in your keyword, our system sent back a message asking the customer to reply “YES” to confirm their membership. Sometimes people ignore or misunderstand this message. Remind the customer to check their phone and reply “YES” to that compliance message.
  2. Accidental opt-out – ask the customer if, at some point recently, they replied to one of your ripples with any of the following words, “stop, quit, end, unsubscribe, or cancel.” Even just a mistaken text to you instead of a friend can cause this. For example, “Stop by and grab a drink after work!” would result in them being removed from the club. Our system doesn’t understand context, so if it sees any of those words, it will automatically remove that number from your club. Just have the customer opt in to the club again. But don’t worry – they won’t receive your opt in incentive a second time!


Things happen sometimes with technology. Hopefully these tips and solutions will get you through most of the hiccups that come along. If you need help beyond this, please don’t hesitate to contact us!