February 25, 2016


What is the Text Ripple API?

The Text Ripple API (automatic program integration) is a technology that our commercial clients use to integrate their software with our technology. If you need any further information about the Text Ripple API, please email us at support@www.textripple.com


What is your return policy?

Please contact us to discuss your return needs. Support@www.textripple.com or 248-716-7590


How do birthdays get added to my birthday club?

1. Collect birthday with the Widget. You place the Widget on your website and/or Facebook page and people will fill in their information when they use the Widget to join your club. If you direct your current club members (who have joined via text only) to your website, they can update their information with the Widget as well. It will not change their status in the club, and it will not send them the opt-in incentive a second time, but it will update all of their demographic information.

2. Set up a Pipeline message with a link to your Widget. Send this out as a follow up to catch those members who have not yet found the Widget and filled in the information.


Can I include links in my Ripples?

Yes you can put a link in a text. Though, we do recommend that the site you take them to is mobile friendly or your customers will have trouble (and frustration) trying to connect to the site via their mobile phones.


What is a Redemption Code?

A Redemption Code is a tiny encrypted URL will automatically be added at the end of each text message. Each one of your customers will receive a unique code. Then, when they visit your business wishing to use your offer, they will click on the link in that message, input their data, and the offer will not only be redeemed for them, but the data will be tracked for you so you can see just how successful your offers are.


How do I refer a friend to Text Ripple?

We love referrals so much that when you refer a friend, we give you a free month of service. Have you friend mention your name during signup, or feel free to email us at support@www.textripple.com with a lead!


Does Text Ripple sell my customer’s numbers?

Absolutely not. All the numbers in your Text Club belong to only you. If you ever need a full list of the numbers in your club we will provide it to you but we will never sell numbers to a third party.


How do I opt back in to a text club?

If you or a customer has opted-out of a text club for any reason and you want to rejoin, all  you have to do is re-send the KEYWORD to 411669. The number will be opted back in to the club, however, the opt-in incentive will not be sent a second time.


How do I add keywords to my account?

Keywords are added when there is a need to have different groups you need to address. They are added at an administrator level. If you need additional keywords, please let us know and we can get that done for you.


How do customers join my text club?

To have people join your text club, they will text your KEYWORD to the number 411669.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation terms depend on the contract length you selected at sign up. To discuss your cancellation, please call us at 248-716-7590.


What is an opt-in incentive?

This is the message that your customers receive in reply when they text your KEYWORD into 411669. They receive this offer only the very first time they text into your club. Any time they communicate with you after that, they will receive your Standard Return Message – a general thank you for joining. Even if they opt-out of your club and opt back in, they will not receive your opt-in offer again.


How does Text Ripple work?

Customers opt in to your text club. They do so by texting your KEYWORD to our shortcode, 411669. Within about 15 seconds, they will receive a message asking them to confirm that they do want to join the club by replying YES. Once they reply YES, your offer is sent directly to their cell phone. They then show you the message to redeem your offer.

They can also join your text club from the Widget that is placed on your Facebook page and website.

Once they have joined your club, then you send out Ripples, text messages that go out to your entire club at the same time, letting them know about deals, specials, promotions, events, and other customer service information that you want them to know.


How do I remove my number from a text club?

You can remove yourself from receiving texts by simply replying STOP to any message you receive from Text Ripple on behalf of one of our clients, or you can send an email to support@www.textripple.com with your cell phone number and we will manually remove you from any text club in which your cell number is present.


Can I upload a list of phone numbers into my new club?

Uploads are rarely allowed. It is against the rules to send text messages to mobile numbers unless they have expressly consented to receive text messages for a particular program. Also, selling or sharing of mobile numbers for a recurring text club is prohibited and against our policy. Transfer of mobile numbers from one program to another has specific requirements. Your members would have to consent to receive messages from the new program and a thorough examination of the previous text program would be needed in order to consider an upload.


What is my username and password?

Your username is the same as your keyword. If you have more than one keyword, you can use any of them to log into your account.

If you’ve forgotten your password, please email us at support@www.textripple.com and we will reset it for you.


What is the commitment/contract?

We offer 1-year, 6-month, and month-to-month contracts, so you have options. A longer commitment means lower set up fees and monthly prices.


How do I sign up?

Click here to get started. Give us a call at 248-716-7590 if you need any help.


What does it mean to have 1000 messages per month?

This is your monthly usage – your total outgoing messaging for the month. The basic formula is [Number of club members] X [Number of Ripples sent] (ex: [100 club members] x [3 Ripples] = 300 messages sent that month)


Is this spam or illegal in any way?

Not at all. This is a permission based system. Only those customers who take the time to opt-in to your club will receive messages from you, so you can be assured that it’s not spam. By joining your club, they are telling you that they want to hear from you.

We’ve also implemented a Double Opt-in procedure due to the FCC Regulation changes in October 2013. This ensures your messages are not considered spam and protects our clients and Text Ripple from legal ramifications.


How fast can I expect membership to grow?

This is very much in your hands. If you’re excited and your staff is excited your membership will grow very quickly, especially if you are cross-marketing with Facebook, Twitter, etc. By properly promoting your text club, your numbers can grow into the thousands as many of our clients have!


How do I get billed and how much?

We bill monthly for your usage during the previous calendar month. There is a minimum charge each month even if no messages are sent.

This will depend on how many messages you sent during the previous month. The basic formula is:

[Number of club members] X [Number of Ripples sent] (ex: [100 club members] x [3 Ripples] = 300 messages sent that month).

Outgoing birthday club messages and Pipeline message do count toward this total, but are minimal as they are spread out through the entire year. Your opt-in messages do not.


Do you have special pricing for seasonal businesses?

We do offer custom billing options for seasonal businesses. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


What happens after I sign up?

1. You pay the setup fee for the contract length you’ve chosen.

2. You decide what you would like to offer each person who joins your club.

3. If your account includes print we’ll work with you to get those materials created as soon as possible.

4. We train you on our software. We’ll spend approximately 45 minutes with you on the phone to show you around your account, teach you how each of the tools works, and answer any questions you may have.

5. You go live, tell everyone about your club, and start Rippling!


What is a keyword?

It is your dedicated code that your customers will use when opting in through their mobile phone. It is also how we group your customers that sign up.