All-In-One SMS Marketing Platform

Grow Your VIP Text Club with ORRT

Opt-In, Reward and Remember Technology (ORRT) is our proprietary means of managing your first time customers and rewarding them for joining while remembering them and preventing repeated opt-in rewards.
– Reward loyal customers
– Eliminate duplication and fraud
Minimize management overhead when rewarding your customers by remembering the ones that you already rewarded.

Mass Text Marketing (aka Text Ripples)

Ripples are not just text blasts. They are text message marketing made easy.
Reach your entire audience at the same time with offers and information.
Include codes to track redemption.
Schedule your messages to go out immediately or schedule in advance so you can set it and forget it and get back to running your business!
When you need your message to be heard by the largest audience, the first time, every time, choose Text Ripple.

Birthday Text Messaging

Everyone loves a birthday gift, and they love the birthday gift giver! Use our Birthday Club feature to send automated Happy Birthday messages to each of your customers on their birthday!
Collect birth dates with the Widget
Set up the Birthday Club once and it runs in the background
One extra way to say “We appreciate you” to your customers
Loyalty is everything in keeping your business fresh and alive. Make sure your customers know that you value them by sending a little something their way on their birthday!

Automated Drip Campaigns for Text Messages

Based on the concept of “drip marketing,” the Pipeline allows you to set regular follow up messages that go out to each text club member on their opt-in anniversary. After setup, the Pipeline is automated and requires no active management from yoour customers want and need to feel appreciated to remain loyal. Accomplish this by rewarding them for how long they’ve been part of your club

Continue follow up messages for as long as you like with an excellent customer service touch!

Every business owner understands the value of return customers. Keep them coming back with our easy-to-use Pipeline!

Website Widgets to Grow Your Text Lists

Place a customizable enrollment form on your website for customers to join from the web! Collect extra demographic info to fulfill your other marketing needs including:
– First & Last name
– Birthday
– Email address
– Full address info
– Anniversary dates
The most important piece of the puzzle for your text message marketing needs is the phone number, but why not collect a little more information so you can send out customized messages or integrate your Text Ripple account with your email or direct mail campaigns? The Widget makes it possible!

Mobile Coupons

Create beautiful mobile coupons using Text Ripple that are sent to your customers’ cell phones. Easily add your logo and other graphics along with your marketing message.

Social Media Widgets

Place a customizable enrollment form on your website for customers to join from the web!

Redemption Tracking

How will you know the value of your text message marketing, and Text Ripple if you don’t track your results? Our Redemption Codes can help you do just that! add a customer-specific link to each outbound message
Your customers do all the data entry for you
Track revenue so you can see ROI
Most importantly, track offer usage so you can prevent multiple redemptions
Codes can be added to all outbound messages (Opt-Ins, Ripples, Birthday and Pipeline)
Ensure that your text message marketing is doing it’s job with Text Ripple’s Redemption Codes.

Robust API

Get your data, your way. Text Ripple allows you to integrate text message marketing into your company’s existing IT infrastructure. Text Ripple offers APIs that support CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale) and SMS texting aggregation between your business and the major text message carriers. Clean, well-commented code Support documentation available How-to case studies, best practices and Industry-specific expert consulting available Leverage the Text Ripple Platform from your own software with our API!

Mobile Landing & Survey Builder

Instantly create mobile-friendly landing pages using drag and drop technology; no programming skills needed! Include photos and other images No limit on character counts if you have a lot to say Build surveys to gain valuable customer feedback on your staff, products, facilities and business in general Add a level of sophistication to your text message marketing that plain text just doesn’t offer with our Mobile Builder tool!

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Easily track and manage your text message marketing campaigns. Track number of opt-ins and which campaigns and text messages yield the best results.

Dynamic Expiration Dates

Our dynamic expiration features allows you to set your expiration dates for each promotional offer. In addition, you have the ability to allow multiple redemptions for each customer or limit one offer per customer.

Double Opt-In

Text Ripple has built-in double opt-in so you can have your subscribers reply “yes” when then are joining your text message.

Secure & Compliant

Text Ripple has been providing text messaging services for 10 years. We use SSL encryption and comply with TCPA guidelines.

Flexible Pricing and Plans

Text Ripple offers flexible pricing plans for any sized business.

1 on 1 Support from Real People

Need help? We offer unlimited support in case you need it. Our support is available by phone, live chat and email.

Customer Success Managers

Text Ripple’s Customer Success Team is here to support you and help you improve your marketing efforts.